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Dresscode: Red Sector

Posted on 29/05/2016

Dresscode: Red sector

Every lighthouse has three sectors – the white sector, which is the safe course to navigate, and the green and red sectors where the course leads into dangerous waters. When you move away from the white sector you move into an uncharted zone.

Moving into red sector is about changing course, moving into the unknown. Once you move into that sector you are alone and cut off from the ordinary routine of life. In our Red sector deadline art project, we lived and breathed the the harsh environment around Lille Presteskjær lighthouse. This is what we found.

Red sector is our 24th SX-70 Europe deadline art project at  Deadline art is an art movement where the artist explores the possibility of creating art under the working conditions of a press photographer. This entails arriving at an unknown place with only a vague brief (or mantra as we like to put it), having a very brief (and defined) time to produce a finished work. No excuses: the work has to be excellent. Swipe away daily mundane thinking and get down to serious play. At mentalpropell we are a group of practitioners that love both the process and the result of the deadline art approach.

The team that created Red Sector are Anki GneibAnnica ThomssonEirik V Johnsen and Kristian Pohl. You can find the other projects from SX-70 Europe and other artists here at  Please follow us on Instagram account @deadlineartcollective if you want a daily dose of deadline art images from all over Europe.

Dresscode: Red sector is available here

Off the grid

Posted on 25/10/2015


In the 23rd installment of the SX-70 Europe deadline art project Eirik and Kristian have journeyed to the Faroe Islands. Ranging from the deep fiords in the North East to an abandoned NATO base close to Torshavn the suited gentlemen went off the grid in search of another country. This is what they found

Requiem for Slussen movement #2

Posted on 10/05/2015

Requiem for Slussen movement #2 High-res version

In the ongoing «REQUIEM FOR SLUSSEN» series we have decided that the second movement should be a film. The quiet, suited gentlemen from have again donned their overalls and are exploring the ongoing drama in Slussen in a new collaborative project.

We are now working on the short movie «Requiem for Slussen, movement #2» and will release it later this year – stay tuned!

In the meantime we will release some stills as the production work proceeds.

Remixed: Strandfunn (2004)

Posted on 12/10/2013

I 2004 viste Soffi Attramadal en nydelig utstilling på Galleri F15 med tema «strandfunn» – refleksjoner om hva fossilene etter vår tid vil være – fra «Rimitiden». Hun utstilte bl.a. en serie imitasjoner av natur, skjell av støpt porselen, med silketrykk av giftmerker, steiner laget av steingodsleire med små modellerte fossiler inni (som kan åpnes ved et hardt slag eller hammer og meisel) og påført silketrykk av strek-koder. Disse ble lagt ut på stranden nedenfor galleriet, for enhver å ta med seg. Ved ettersøk på stranden etter at prosjektet og utstillingen var over, var alle, mer enn 250 stk borte!

Hva vil være igjen etter oss?