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Requiem for Slussen, mvt II, Swedish

Requiem For Slussen, movement II

We are very proud to present the second movement of our REQUIEM FOR SLUSSEN project.

You are watching the REQUIEM FOR SLUSSEN MOVEMENT II project is in the form of a short film, again created in collaboration with Susanne Walström and with Staffan Bengtsson on board with his manuscript magic. The film was shot as a deadline art project may 2015, and was first shown at our «Requiem for slussen» exhibition at Galleri RALF at Hornsgatan 66, Stockholm.

 The exhibition covered both the original REQUIEM FOR SLUSSEN MOVEMENT I artworks and this second movement in the form of the short film shown above. Please turn the sound up loud and enjoy the RALF experience. The experience is also available in Swedish without subtitles here.

Requiem for Slussen movement iii will launch in august/september 2016